Jeremy is a multi-disciplinary designer, currently working as a freelancer in Chicago, IL.


Geltor is an earth-conscious biodesign brand that uses sustainable technologies to create the world’s most advanced designer proteins. They make ingredients that are better for the world, body, and for business.

Geltor wanted to fully capture the uniqueness of their products and the possibilities of their "Ingredients as a Service" offering. The visual language we created is centered around a series of 3D orbs that explore the colorful beauty & lively habitats of each ingredient origin and its cellular inspiration. While their proteins are completely animal-free, the ingredients take inspiration from the tree of life: nature, marine life, animals, etc.

We were asked to keep the existing Geltor logo but develop an entire new branding & visual language around it, such as the typefaces, color system, illustration, and imagery.

Geltor, Erin Kim


Creative Direction:
Jessica Walsh

Lauren Walsh, Angie Shih

Stephanie Halovanic, Samantha Glavao

Prue Linehan

Design Lead:
Soomin Jung, Simoul Alva

Elinor O’Brien, Lucas Luz, Jeremy Rieger, Katyayani Singh, Sasyk Mihal, Matthew Roop, Jenny Jiang, Julian Williams, Jada Akoto, Xiaocha Zhang, James Marshall, Danyang Ma, Riisa Liao, Jiayue Li, Oscar Chen

Jeremy Rieger

3D Illustrations:
Lucas Luz, Flavio Carvalho, Victor Murillo Jansegers, David Padilla, Gökhan Tekin, David Porte Beckefeld, Sanchit Sawaria